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Primax agencies limited - macadamia

Product description

Raw macadamia kernels are clean and free from extraneous material.


  • Vacuum packed and nitrogen flushed aluminum foil packs (unit pack)
  • Unit weight is 11.34kgs, net
  • The pack is then placed in a strong carton
  • Each carton is labeled and identified with a batch code
  • 1400 cartons fit into a 20ft food grade container

Organoleptic characteristics: Typical macadamia flavor, free from rancidity, off flavors and odours.

Style Size (All screen sizes round holes diameter) Whole/halves%
Style 1Held on 16mmMinimum 90% whole kernel,10% half kernels
Style 1sHeld on 13mm through 16mmMin 90% whole kernel
Style 250/50 mix of styles 1S &Style 4LAs below
Style 4LHeld on 14mmMin 80% half kernels
Style 4SHeld on 9mm through 14mmMin 80% half kernels
Style 4Held on 12mm through 14mmMin 70% half kernels
Style 5Held on 9mm through 12mm
Style 6Held on 5mm through 9mm
Style 7Held on 3mm through 5mm

Physical Characteristics

ColorCream to pale yellow
Impacted ShellLess than 1%
Unsound kernel Less than 3%
Metal or glassNon Allowed

Chemical Characteristics

Moisture2.0% maximum
Peroxide value (meq/kg)3.0% Meq/kg max
Free fatty acid 1% max

Microbiological Characteristics

  1. Standard plate count: less than 30,000cfu/gram
  2. Yeast and mould:less than 20,000 cfu/gram
  3. Coliforms:200 cfu/gram
  4. E.coli:less than 3cfu/gram
  5. Staphylococcus aures:negative
  6. Salmonellae: negative
  7. Afflatoxin:less than 2ppb
  8. Listeria monocytogene:not detected