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Specialty Organic Coffee

Known for its consistently rich flavor along with deep, wine like acidity and pleasant aroma, Kenya coffee is distinctly bright.AS some of the world’s finest gourmet coffees, Kenya coffees are carefully graded after harvest. The coffee beans are sorted and rated by beans size as well as shape, color and density with general assumption being that bigger coffee beans are higher in quality. The largest and best coffee beans from Kenya are graded AA (over one fourth inch in Diameter).A bit smaller is Kenya AB grade.

A general rules with Kenya coffee beans is that bigger beans have more essential oils that enhance the tastes and aromas.

The other grades available are: Kenya PB, C, TT

We do also Export Specialty organic coffee from DRC Congo.

Arabica specialty coffee grown on volcanic soil at altitude of over 1800 msnm.

This coffee offers flavour of a complex tropical fruits,wine,honey,lemon with a score of more than 85+

Coffee Grade 90% of 15+ and 10% of 15-
Certification 100% certified(FTO-SPP Organic-UTZ)
Cupping notesDominant lemon easily identifiable with often floral aromas of honey.
Processing Methodselection of cherries,pulping,fermentation,washing,sorting,drying,milling and sorting. Dry fermentation for 2 hours,fermentation in water for 12 hours,soak for 12 hours.
PackagingPacked in 60kgs jute bags.